Mare Sire Dam Bred for 2018
AES Jacks Jets ID Country Bartender Sweetimpatients si 83 Sables Dashing Guy
AES Sun Rocket
AES Sun Rocket
Sables Dashing Guy Dainty ID Miss French Easy Flit
Another Stormy Day
Another Stormy Day
ID Country Bartender Another Rainbow(TB) Open for 2018
Berts Dandy Dual Pep
Berts Dandy Dual Pep
Little Young Bert Miss Dandy Dual Open for 2018
Brown Easter Bunny Sables Dashing Guy Rattlesnake Spring Broodmare Prospect
Chrome Cactus Bars King Chrome Bars Bold Cholla French Easy Flit
CM Spicy Chic Wings Leo Peppy Bars Spicy Slic Chic AES Sables Stoli Guy
Dainty ID Miss ID Country Bartender Raise The House AES Sables Stoli Guy
Fast Lane To Vegas Sables Dashing Guy Shanes Koko French Easy Flit
Impatient For Cash ID Country Bartender Snap Point Sables Dashing Guy
Isa Winner
Isa Winner
Sables Dashing Guy Hope Me Win (TB) PC Lone Sunwood
Kokos Little Annie Sables Dashing Guy Shanes Koko Broodmare Prospect
Nic Olena San
Nic Olena San
Two Nic Miss Jalalena San French Easy Flit
Playful Play KF Playful Rooster Twistn Play Broodmare Prospect
Pretty Country Sunrise
Pretty County Sunrise
ID Country Bartender Bugsys New Sunrise AES Sables Stoli Guy
Rattlesnake Spring Swiftest Goer si 99 Dream A Dream Of Me si 101 AES Sables Stoli Guy
Sable Guys Secret
Sable Guys Secret
Sables Dashing Guy Desert Siren (TB) Wings Leo Peppy Bars
Snap Point
Snap Point
Special Elan si 98 Sweet Impatients si 83 Sables Dashing Guy
Spicy Slic Chic
Spicy Slic Chic
Chick N San Spicys Lucky Tune Sables Dashing Guy
Stick To Trick
Stick To Trick
ID Country Bartender Shes A Trickster (TB) Sables Dashing Guy
TW Melodys Kid
TW Melodys Kid si 94
Kiddy Up si 96 Band Of Melody si 88 Conn Creek
Uncle Shellies Dandy Sables Dashing Guy Berts Dandy Dual Pep Broodmare Prospect
Another Rainbow
Another Rainbow - TB
Rainbow Blues Rainbow Amethyst AES Sables Stoli Guy
Breanna - TB
Mr Procrastinator Sulayma's Luck Open for 2018
Comic Rhythm - TB Comic Strip Sassy Rhythm French Easy Flit
Holy Astra
Holy Astra - TB
Holy Bull Queluz French Easy Flit
Hope Me Win
Hope Me Win - TB
Mi Selecto Hopester PC Lone Sunwood
Reprint - TB
Souvenir Copy Collectors Edition Open for 2018
River Breeze
River Breeze - TB
Roman Dancer Stormsabrewin French Easy Flit
Kinzie Lou Who - TB Angus Reprint Broodmare Prospect
Royalette - TB
Slewdledo Royal Rave Sables Dashing Guy
Shes A Trickster
She's A Trickster - TB
Tricky Creek Such A Nut Sables Dashing Guy